Information pop-up

Information pop-up notes are used to provide additional information to the user, most typically regarding a focused item. Although the Information pop-up can be used in various applications and components, it should not be used too frequently as constantly appearing and disappearing notes may disturb smooth user experience.

The Information pop-up does not have focus, its content cannot be scrolled, and the control always remains in the main pane. The maximum number of rows in the Information pop-up is four. In a typical case, the pop-up emerges one second after the user has taken the focus on an item but has not made any further actions. The pop-up is timed so that it (typically) remains visible for ten seconds or until some event interrupts it. Time-outs are application-specific and variation is possible.

Using information pop-ups in applications

The API to use for the information pop-up is the Info pop-up API. For more information, see Symbian C++ API specifications.