Change history and release notes

This page describes important changes and known issues in this release.

Release notes

The following content has been added in this release:

  • Porting guidelines

  • UI style guide

  • Updated Binary compatibility breaks information

The following are the known issues and limitations with this release:
  1. In this release of the library, the C++ reference, organized according to the Symbian System Model, has the following limitations:
    • There are a number of empty pages in the table of contents.

    • Pages do not include information on libraries and required capabilities

    The recommended way to find classes and methods in the API reference is to use the search: type in the name of the class or method and click Go. You can also limit your search scope to include only topics in parts of the library by clicking Search scope.
  2. The API specifications are organized according to the Symbian system model, with each API spec located in the layer and package the API belongs to.

    Not all packages have API specifications.

    The recommended way to find API specifications is to use the search with the name of the API as the search term.
  3. Some links, particularly to API specifications and to the API reference, are broken.