How to Set Up an Outbound Proxy

This topic explains how to specify an outbound proxy server in the SIP Managed Profile.

To specify an outbound proxy server, call CSIPManagedProfile::SetParameter() with the KSIPOutboundProxy parameter and an IP address.

You can also let the stack automatically discover the proxy address by setting KSIPResolveProxy to ETrue.

  • By default or if KSIPResolveProxy is set to EFalse, KSIPOutboundProxy sets the IP address of the outbound proxy. If the proxy server cannot be found, the profile enabling fails.

  • If KSIPResolveProxy is set to ETrue, KSIPOutboundProxy sets the backup IP address for the outbound proxy. The SIP stack attempts to find the proxy through a DHCP request and only uses the backup address if the proxy discovery process fails.

Backwards compatibility note: "sip:" is a valid value for KSIPOutboundProxy. It is equivalent to requesting DCHP discovery without specifying a backup address.