System Model Relationship

The Messaging subsystem resides between Messaging applications and the lower level subsystems that Messaging subsystem uses for storage and transmission of messages.

Figure: System model relationship

Message Viewers

Application for viewing a message.

Message Centre

Application that displays list views of messages to the user, allowing the user to perform operations such as copying messages, sending messages, creating new messages and so on.

Message Editors

Application for creating or editing a message.

SendAs Clients

Messaging clients, such as Client MTM, client applications that implement SendAs.


Symbian platform component that provides stream based storage. It provides the framework classes for the Message Store files.

File system

A set of conventions used to access a drive, and the software that implements those conventions. Local, ROM and installable file systems are supported.


A component that provides an SQL database service. Messaging subsystem stores each TMsvEntry (index entry) of the index file as a row of an SQL table in the SQL database. For more information on how Messaging subsystem has implemented SQL, see Operating with the SQL database.