Menu list

Menu lists are used to select one item from a list and nothing else. The Options command is not available when a menu list is being browsed (the Options menu itself is a menu list).

If a high-priority event, such as an incoming call, occurs when a menu list is open, the list is cancelled and the new event takes control.

The following are default keypad functions in a menu list:

Table: Default key events in a menu list
Key Action

Arrow up / down

Moves the focus in the list.

Arrow left / right

Ignored (unless there is a submenu; see Submenus).


Selects the item, does the associated function.

Call creation


Numeric keypad





Dismiss the menu and do the default action of the key.

Figure: Options menu

Figure: Menu list

Using menu lists in applications

The API to use for menu lists is the Lists API. For more information, see Symbian C++ API specifications.