Setting up the development environment

This section helps you set up the environment for platform development.

What you need to know

Although you do not need prior information about the Symbian platform, you should have some knowledge about the following:

  • C++ programming

  • Basic principles of object-oriented design

System requirements for the platform development environment

  • You need the following hardware and software to develop components and test them on a PC:

    • A PC that meets the hardware and software requirements listed in the SDK release notes.

    • ActivePerl

      Check the Perl version required by the SDK from the release notes. Newer or older versions may not be fully compatible with the Symbian tool chain.

    • Java Runtime

      Check the Java Runtime version required by the SDK from release notes. .

  • You need the following hardware and software to test applications on a mobile device:

    • A mobile device based on the Symbian platform edition that is compatible with your development SDKs.

    • A connection between your PC and mobile device, such as a USB or Bluetooth connection.

      For information on how to create the connection, see the documentation that accompanies the device. For example, use the version of Nokia Suite (recommended) that is compatible with the device.

To download SDK installation instructions

  1. Go to the Tool Details (Symbian Platform SDKs) page.

  2. Download and read the Nokia Symbian Belle SDK release notes.

  3. Select the latest Symbian SDK version and click Download now.

  4. Save and extract the zip file.

  5. In the root directory, open the Nokia Symbian Belle SDK Installation Guide.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • For platform development

    Carbide.c++ is a family of IDEs for the creation of C++ and C applications for devices based on the Symbian platform. Carbide.c++ is based on the Eclipse IDE and the C/C++ development tools from the Eclipse CDT Project. Combining the power of the Eclipse Framework with tools for all stages of development, Carbide.c++ offers all Symbian C++ and Open C/C++ developers an efficient, easy-to-use development environment.

    Carbide.c++ uses Symbian SDK command line tools in the background to perform particular tasks. It is at times useful to perform the command lines calls manually so that you can verify (or better understand) some behavior observed in Carbide.c++ builds.

Testing your development environment

This is done by creating an application with Symbian C++. You can test your development environment by testing an application in the \Nokia\devices\Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_Vx.xx\examples directory.

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