The Title pane displays a context-dependent application title or state name.

The title text being displayed could be one of these:

  • Descriptive name of the current main pane view.

  • The application name.

Using the title pane in applications

The API to use for the title pane component is the Title pane API. For observing title pane touch events, use the Title Pane Touch Observer API.

To use a title pane in your application, create an instance of the CAknTitlePane class.

Use the CAknTitlePane::SetTextL() method to set the title pane text and display it. To set the text to scroll if it does not fit the title pane text area, set the flag aScroll to ETrue. To set the text to the default (name of the application), use the CAknTitlePane::SetTextToDefault() method.

Use the CAknTitlePane::SetPicture() method to display a picture in the title pane. To set the icon from a file, use the CAknTitlePane::SetPictureFromFileL() method. Alternatively, to set a small icon to be displayed together with text, use the CAknTitlePane::SetSmallPicture() method.

To set the title pane contents from a resource file, use the CAknTitlePane::SetFromResourceL() method.