CONE resource loader overview


The CONE Resource Loader utility is part of the Symbian CONE component, and it offers methods for opening and closing resource files. The actual reading of resources from an opened resource file is done using various CCoeEnv provided resource-reading methods.

Architectural Relationships

This utility is implemented as a single class, RCoeResourceLoader. Access to the CCoeEnv instance is required in order to use this utility.

CONE Resource Loader can be accessed through the RCoeResourceLoader class that is defined in the header CoeUtils.h. The actual component is linked to the cone.dll library.



CONE Resource Loader functionality can be accessed via public methods on an RCoeResourceLoader instance.

To use, an instance of RCoeResourceLoader is first created. Then calling either one of the open methods of RCoeResourceLoader opens the resource file. After the resource file is no longer needed, it must be closed.

A single instance of RCoeResourceLoader can only have a maximum of one resource file open at any time. If multiple simultaneously open files are required, instantiate a separate RCoeResourceLoader for each required file.


The following example shows how to use the RCoeResourceLoader class:

#include <CoeUtils.h>

// … Other code …

// Get CCoeEnv instance
CEikonEnv* eikEnv = CEikonEnv::Static();

// Initialize loader
RCoeResourceLoader rLoader(eikEnv);

// Open resource file
_LIT( KSampleResourceFileName, "Z:\\System\\Apps\\sample\\sample.rsc" );
TFileName fileName(KSampleResourceFileName);

// Push resource loader to cleanup stack, so that it will always be properly 
// closed when popped.

// Read a resource   
iSomeArray = eikEnv->ReadDesC16ArrayResourceL(R_SOME_RESOURCE);

// Pop and destroy rLoader from stack. 
// This also calls close on rLoader since CleanupClosePushL was used.
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // rLoader

For more information on individual methods, please see the reference API for RCoeResourceLoader.