Restoring Email Messages

This tutorial exaplins hwo to restore email messages for sending in chunks.


  1. The MTM that needs to restore message data from message store in chunks should get the CMsvPlainBodyText object using the InitialisePlainBodyTextForReadL() method of CMsvStore.

  2. Set CMsvStore to the ID whose body text needs to be stored, and open it in the read mode.

  3. Use any of the following CMsvPlainBodyText::NextChunkL() methods to get the email message in chunks:

    1. TDes8 &aChunk

    2. TDes8 &aChunk, TRequestStatus &aStatus

    3. TDes16 &aChunk

    4. TDes16 &aChunk, TRequestStatus &aStatus

    The length of the chunk to be restored in a single call to NextChunkL() is decided by the MTM, when it initialises CMsvPlainBodyText for the read operation.

    Note: The email application can call

    NextChunkL() until the length of the chunk populated by NextChunkL() is 0.
  4. The retrieved message data can be sent by the MTM in chunks.

Note: The MTM can also use the existing

CMsvStore::RestoreBodyTextL() method to retrieve the entire body text in a single operation. To do this, the plain text body of the email message, which is stored in the message store, will be copied to the CRichText reference and passed to RestoreBodyTextL().

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