PKG file format to support multilingual application installation

Symbian platform applications can be localized by defining all the localizable text and images in language-specific resource and icon files. The PKG file must contain language-specific resource and icon files along with the elements required for simple installation.


The following PKG file is provided in examples\ToolsAndUtilities\Localise\.

; Install file for multi-lingual application supporting two language variants

; List of languages supported 

; List of localised vendor names for each supported language
%{"Nokia Corporation", "Nokia Corporation"}

; Single, non-localised (global) vendor name.
:"Nokia Corporation"

; Package header
; Component names specified in English and German as these are supported languages
#{"Hello World", "Hallo Welt"}, (0xE8000096), 1,0,0

; Language-neutral files to be installed irrespective of the languages supported on the Symbian device. 
"HelloWorld_reg.rsc" - "!:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\HelloWorld_reg.rsc"

; List of language-specific files; installed based on the language supported by the Symbian device.
if supported_language=01 
    "HelloWorld.r01"        -"!:\resource\apps\HelloWorld.r01" ;English version of the resource file
    "HelloWorld01.mbm"        -"!:\resource\apps\HelloWorld01.mbm" ;language-specific icon file

if supported_language=03
    "HelloWorld.r03"        -"!:\resource\apps\HelloWorld.r03" ;German version of the resource file
    "HelloWorld03.mbm"        -"!:\resource\apps\HelloWorld03.mbm" ;language-specific icon file