Discreet pop-up

Discreet pop-up component displays notifications without blocking ongoing task flows in the UI. When discreet pop-up is displayed, the background is not dimmed and the user can continue interacting with the underlying application normally. Discreet pop-up can contain an icon and a maximum of two rows of text. Pop-up can have simple touch interaction, for example, tapping the pop-up can open the application.

Discreet pop-up can be used to replace following note types:
  • Error note

  • Warning note

  • Information note

  • Confirmation note

Discreet pop-up does not replace wait notes, progress notes or the soft notifications in the home screen. Application can have soft notification on the home screen and use discreet pop-up to display information of the events in other parts of the UI.

Discreet pop-ups can be displayed in touch and non-touch devices. For non-touch devices, the touch functionality of the component is disabled.

Figure: Discreet pop-up