Handling stylus pop-up menu events and commands

At the construction phase, CAknStylusPopUpMenu is given a MEikMenuObserver object, which is usually a pointer to the application’s UI (CAknAppUi) or another class that implements the interface. The stylus pop up menu will grab the stylus event when one of its items is tapped on and it will then report the item’s command ID to the menu observer. It is then up to the application to handle the command in the implementation of MEikMenuObserver::HandleCommandL().

When an item is tapped, the menu calls its observer's (iMenuObserver) ProcessCommandL() using:
void ProcessCommandL(TInt aCommandId);
where, aCommandID parameter is the command number recorded in the resource file. You can also add it using AddMenuItemL() function as shown in the following code snippet:
void AddMenuItemL( const TDesC& aItem, const TInt aCommandId );
The following code snippet illustrates how to handle the command:
switch( aCommandId )
		case StylusMenuCommand1:
		case StylusMenuCommand2:
		case StylusMenuCommand3:
		case StylusMenuCommand4:
		case KErrCancel:

Typically the observer is application's AppUi. It is then the observer's responsibility to handle the command appropriately. The observer is informed with KErrCancel if the menu is closed without making a selection.

Use the CAknStylusPopUpMenu::HandleControlEventL() method to handle events that occur when user selects a menu item.