Bluetooth Service Discovery Agent Overview


Enables you to discover the Bluetooth services, and the attributes of those services, that are available on a remote device.

Architectural relationships

The Service Discovery Agent API is one of two APIs that enable you to use the Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol. The other, the Bluetooth Service Discovery Database, enables a local service to enter its own properties into a local service database.


CSdpAgent is used to make Symbian platform Bluetooth SDP requests to a remote device. There are two basic queries you can make using it:

  • Getting the services on the remote device and setting the classes of service for which you want to query using a CSdpSearchPattern object

  • Getting the attributes for a specific service and setting a list of attributes to be retrieved using a CSdpAttrIdMatchList object

An application using of CSdpAgent must implement the interface MSdpAgentNotifier to receive the responses to queries.

The API also supplies CElementParser, to parse a raw input buffer containing an attribute value into its constituent data elements.

Using the Bluetooth Service Discovery Agent

The following tutorials will help get you started using the Bluetooth SDP Service Discovery Agent.