Lexical Analysis Overview

Provides string analysis and string-to-number conversions.


The API has two key concepts: lexical analyser, and extraction mark.

Lexical analyser

The lexical analyser provides facilities to identify and extract characters and tokens (substrings delimited by white space) from a descriptor or NULL-terminated string. It also provides string-to-number conversions.

The lexical analyser interface is provided by TLex16 for wide strings, and TLex8 for narrow strings. TLex is a typedef for TLex16.

Extraction mark

The extraction mark allows positions in a string that is being analysed to be remembered. Later lexical analysis operations can then operate on this position in the string.

The extraction mark interface is provided by TLexMark16 for wide strings, and TLexMark8 for narrow strings. TLexMark is a typedef for TLexMark16.

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