Optional resource file statements

The resource file statements listed in the following are optional; Create resource file statements only for the UI components used by the application for which the default implementation is not used.

For more information on resource statements for these components, see:

  • CBA buttons

  • Menu bar resource statements

  • View resource statements in the view architecture

  • UI components

    Building an AVKON-based application UI is a primary choice for third-party add-on applications that do not need advanced customization. Such an approach guarantees compatibility across different Series 60 Developer Platform editions, but, in turn, puts some limitations on the application UI layout imposed by AVKON. AVKON provides a wide choice of well-designed and versatile components, but not all of these are easily modifiable.

    Note: AVKON or AVKON-derived components should be favoured over custom CCoeControl-derived controls. AVKON UI components scale automatically according to screen resolution and orientation.

    For more information on various API specifications, see Symbian C++ API specifications.