LocaleUpdateExample: Using the Locale Functionality

This example demonstrates how to get different locale settings from the locale DLLs in the system.


Click on the following link to download the example: localeupdate.zip.

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An object of the TExtendedLocale class is used to load a number of locale DLLs from the system. For each locale DLL, it gets the following locale settings:

  • Calendar settings

  • Country code

  • Collation method

  • Currency format

  • Date and time format

  • Numeric value settings

  • Time zone information

  • Units of measurement.

Class summary

  • TExtendedLocale - Extended locale class.

  • TLocale - Sets and gets the system's locale settings.

  • TDay - Defines the days of the week.

  • TCollationMethod - Defines a collation method.

  • TDateFormat - Defines the date formats.

  • TTimeFormat - Defines the time formats as either 12 hour or 24 hour.

  • TDaylightSavingZone - Defines the daylight saving zones.

  • TUnitsFormat - Enumerates the units of measurement as either Imperial or Metric.


The Symbian build process describes how to build this example.

The localeupdate example builds the localeupdate.exe executable file in the standard location (\epoc32\release\winscw\ <build_variant>) for Carbide.c++.