Title Pane API Specification


1 Overview

Title pane is a control shown on the Status pane. It is used for displaying some text or an image associated with the foreground application or the current view of the foreground application.

API categorypublic
API typec++
Existed sinceLegacy S60 0.9
API librariesavkon.lib

1.1 Description

CAknTitlePane is a Framework API. Users retrieve it from the Status pane and set text or image to it. The number of text rows shown on the Title pane can be configured.

1.1.1 Emulator support

This API is fully supported in the WINS/WINSCW emulator environment.

1.2 Changes

This API is an SDK API and was first published in S60 release 1.0. This document is valid from S60 release 5.0 onwards.

This API is valid for all product platforms.

1.3 Use Cases

  • Set some text to the title pane.
  • Set some image to the title pane.

1.4 Class Structure

Summary of API classes and header files
CAknTitlePane /epoc32/include/mw/akntitle.h

The following class diagram shows its class structure.


2 Using The API

2.1 Set some text to Title pane

The Title pane can be used to show some text.

2.2 Set some picture to Title pane

The Title pane can be used to show some image.

2.3 Limitations of the API

Title pane is only used as a pane on the Status pane. It cannot be used as a common control. The following code shows how to retrieve it from the Status pane.

CAknTitlePane* title = static_cast<CAknTitlePane>