Migrating from STLport v4 to v5

If you are using STLport v4, it is recommended that you migrate to the latest version of Standard C++ Library (STLport v5 ) available from Symbian^3 to make use of it's latest features.


To migrate from STLport v4 to v5, perform the following steps:


To migrate to STLport v5, application developers can retain the existing sources, but must make changes to the MMP files. More than just linking against STLport v5, application developers can make use of latest features available from STLport v5 onwards and also make use of tools support added in Symbian^3.


  1. Replace the LIBRARY entry in the .MMP file from libstdcpp.lib to libstdcppv5.lib.

  2. Replace the SYSTEMINCLUDE path in the .MMP file from \epoc32\include\stdapis\stlport to \epoc32\include\stdapis\stlportv5.

  3. Add the STDCPP keyword to the .MMP file, if you are using the global operator new and your target type is not an STD target type.

    Note: As Carbide currently has a defect associated with the

    STDCPP keyword, it is recommended that you build code from command line instead of using Carbide.

Next actions

Note: For more information about using STLport v5 on Symbian platform, see Standard C++ Support on Symbian Platform.