Multi-selection list

Multi-selection lists are used to emphasize that it is possible to select several items from a list at the same time. Typically, there is an ongoing operation that expects one or more items as input. An example of this is when a user creates a group, and a list of names is offered as a multi-selection list.

In a multi-selection list, the user can browse items and check and uncheck any number of them. The state of each item is indicated in a checkbox adjacent to the item. When the user accepts the list, information about the marked items is passed to the application.

Items are checked and unchecked using the Selection key, and the list is accepted with the softkey Done/OK. Note that

Note: The Options softkey is not available, unlike a markable list. Users can only check and uncheck items and then accept or cancel the list.

Figure: Multi-selection list in the Main pane

The keypad functions for multi-selection lists are as follows:

Table: Default key event in multi-selection list
Key Action

Arrow up / down

Moves the focus in the list.

Arrow left / right

Ignored (can be used to control tabs).


Marks / unmarks the current item; toggle.

Clear, Edit, Call creation


Numeric keypad


Other keys

Do the default action of the key.

Using multi-selection lists in applications

The API to use for multi-selection lists is the Lists API. For more information, see Symbian C++ API specifications.