Configuring and Customising the Serial Port

Serial ports can be configured in the following ways using the C32 Serial Server environment:

  • Provide a specialised plug-in to the C32 Serial Server which defines how the port can be accessed and behaves. The plug-ins to the C32 Serial Server are known as CSYs (Comms SYstem plug-ins) and they allow configuration of aspects such as:

    • the prefix name for the ports. For example, the ECUART CSY ports have the prefix "COMM" while the USB ports have the prefix ECACM"

    • the actual port numbers the CSY services. For example, by default the ECUART CSY shipped with Symbian platform will accept connections only on ports 0 and 1 ("COMM::0" and "COMM::1")

    • the security requirements that a client must meet to access the ports, such as a minimum set of capabilities or a specific process ID, or list of allowed Vendor IDs and Secure IDs.

    • the priority of this CSY when it is running in the same thread as other CSYs. This is defined by the priority of the active objects within the CSY

    An overview of writing serial CSY plug-ins is available in the Serial Protocol Modules (CSYs) Developer Tutorial. CSYs interact with the LDD and PDD that implements the serial port.

  • Configure the ports at run-time using the RComm API. For more information see How to Configure a Port: Tutorial.