Snmtool Command Syntax

The snmtool utility is used to create plug-in data files (SNM files) which contain mappings between standard character set identifiers and their corresponding Symbian UIDs.

SNM stands for Standard Names and MIB enums. Application developers can pass the standard name or MIB enum value of the character set to CCnvCharacterSetConverter::ConvertStandardNameOfCharacterSetToIdentifierL() or CCnvCharacterSetConverter::ConvertMibEnumOfCharacterSetToIdentifierL() respectively. The function uses the SNM files to generate the converter UID.


Invocation syntax

snmtool input file output file


input file

The filename of the input text file.

output file

The filename of the output binary SNM file. This must be installed in the \system\charconv\ directory.


snmtool d:\charconvfiles\basicsnm.txt d:\charconvfiles\basics.snm